flix Live Camper is a complete kitchen – and yet only one person can load and move it easily.

How does it all work?

Load & unload

There are campers who stay in one place, others move every day. No matter, the important thing is that you can load and unload the kitchen well – even if you do it alone.

Solution: To make this work, the kitchen is not lifted into the car, but tipped over. Thanks to our famous lever principle, the load is halved, and thanks to additional rollers on the back, the kitchen can be easily slid into the car. You can do that very well on your own.

Video: On Youtube you can see how it works, for example here: click

Set up in the car

Just as easy as loading, the kitchen can be set up in the car – pull the kitchen up by the handle (remember: thanks to our clever lever priniple, it weighs only half). This only takes a second and is not a problem for less powerful people.

Space required in a VW Bus: click

push backwards

Sometimes you want to push Camper backwards, for example to place it very close to a wall. In this case, you cannot use the handle on the back of the kitchen.

Solution: Pull out the drawer about 10-15 cm. Now you can use the drawer like a handle: grab the drawer with both hands, lift the kitchen slightly at the front. It can now be pushed backwards.


On foot: The kitchen can be pushed like a sack cart – to make it comfortable, there is a sturdy handle on the back. The large wheels even allow driving over difficult terrain, such as meadow, cobblestone, stairs.

In the car: The easiest way to transport the kitchen is to lay it down – it can be secured, like you do it with other items, for example with lashing belts, just like other items. Standing transport is also possible – securing is done via lashing belts or special floor fastenings. Please contact us.

Transport size: Ca . 48 x 48 x 100 cm

Space required (cm)

flix Live Camper is - folded - rather small. When you fold out the wings, it becomes really big.

How much space is required, exactly? Look here: click