flix Live works with the international GastroNorm standard (GN) of the professionals. Accessories such as cookers, grills, cutting station etc. are easily inserted into any wing – without tools.

Here is an overview about the most important accessories – please note that the scope of delivery of a flix Live kitchen already includes a lot.

More accessories: please go to the shop.


Gas: We offer 2 different gas stoves:
- 2-burner household gas stove with wooden frame, without windscreen
- 2-burner camping gas stove with windscreen

Electric: Ceran stove with 2 burners, operation via rotary knobs.

Induction: Induction cooker with 2 burners, operation via touch field.

Wok: A wok burner (gas or electric) is available on request.

The scope of delivery of Live Classic includes either a stove (gas/ceran) or our GN charcoal grill.
Live Camper is available with and without stove.


Charcoal: Powerful GN charcoal grill made of stainless steel, complete with windscreen, rust and handle

Gas: Gastro gas grill (GN) made of stainless steel, complete with windscreen, rust and handle

Electric grill: On request

Prepare & cut

The cutting station is also based on GastroNorm. Why is that important?

Directly underneath the board are 6 GN boxes – you push the cut ingredients directly into these boxes. You can’t work faster and cleaner!

 In our shop:

 - Cutting station with large 1/1 GN chopping board and cutout for one of the boxes underneath. Incl. 6 boxes and lids.
 - Cutting station with 2/3 GN chopping board. The board is movable so that the cut ingredients can be filled directly into the outer boxes. Incl. 6 boxes and lids.

GN water station

The water station consists of a large 12-litre canister with integrated soap dispenser and flexible hose, 2 GN sinks and 1 GN drainage tray.

Our water station comes without electric pump and wastewater tank – because these parts are inefficient, complicated and hygienically problematic.