It´s said about flix products that you know it when you see it because of our love for detail. We are pleased to say that the flix Camper lives up to it’s name.

flix Live Camper is optimized for the use on the road – it could easily be stored into a car by just one person. The wings are a little bit shorter than the wings of Live Classic: this makes it possible to use flix Camper in very thight spaces.

Some more details:


Working light

The powerful LED illumination is permanently installed. It is much more than just decoration, because it allows you to work well even in the dark. Electricity comes either from the built-in socket, or from your power bank.

Lighting, power supply and converter (converts 5V of the power bank into 12V for the LED) are included in the scope of delivery.


In the drawer you´ll find 7 fine stainless steel jars for the most important spices. There is more space for your tools and knifes in the drawer.
The jars are included within delivery of Live Camper.

For sound insulation, the whole drawer is equiped with very solid felt.

When using the front wing, maybe it is not possible to open the drawer. Please take out the spices and tools required - or take out the whole drawer.

Tool holder

An eggbeater, dipper, colander and many more kitchen tools can be hung up here, like in any professional kitchen.
The water canister can be attached here, too.

The Cooking utensil holder is fixed by two knurled screws at any of the sides of flix Camper.

The holder and 2 hooks are included within delivery of Live Camper.

cutlery, tools, hand blender ...

... or, at a pinch, a bottle of wine or gummi bears for the kids. In this shapely holder, made of heavy stainless steel, all sorts of things find a nice place.

The holder can be hooked into any of the four table legs – toolless mounting goes without saying. It is included within delivery of Live Camper.

GN Water station

The water station consists of 2 plastic GN sinks and 1 GN drainboard.

The water station, including 12 l water canister with built-in soap dispenser, is part of delivery of Live Camper.

GN Chopping station

A large chopping board made of food safe plastic belongs to the standard equipment of Live Camper.

Pretty clever: 6 GN-boxes are situated underneath the chopping board that can be filled directly. It´s nearly impossible to find a chopping board more functional.
Boxes and lids: included in delivery.

Stoves & grills

Gas stove, electric stove, induction, charcoal or gas grill - because flix Live works with the GastroNorm size, this, and more options, is possible.

Live Camper is available with or without stove - if you just own a good camping stove, you can use it by placing it on the wing.



Mostly, camping sites provide electricity. Live Camper is equiped with 3 waterproof sockets.

Storing devices

In the corpus of Live Camper you can store the equipment - a stove, grill or gas bottle finds here a place, too.

Industrial hook-and-loop fasteners and flexible partition walls ensure a well organized transport.

Additional weights

In normal operation, flix camper is loaded from 2 or 3 sides at the same time and is standing safe.
To ensure steadyness, even if only one wing is heavily loaded, 2 bars of solid steel could be placed in the base. These are included in the scope of delivery.

Water level

The water level allows you to exactly adjust the ktichen - the extremely functional adjustable feet are very helpful to do this.

Such details are really fun and cause envy. . . uh, appreciative looks.