multi-functional wings with gastro-norm

The slender kitchen is equipped with three large fold-out wings. Each wing is multi-functional.

First, you can use the wing as a table. Optionally, you can open it - now gastronomic devices fit into the wing.

Important: the size of the opening is the so called GastroNorm size (GN) - all kitchen professionals worldwide use it.
flix Live is the first mini kitchen with the GN standard. For well-organized, relaxed cooking – even for the highest demands.

In this way, according to your wishes, flix Live turns into a powerful kitchen, a show kitchen, a BBQ station or into an elegant buffet.

Some options:

eat & relax

A folded-out wing works like a tabletop that provides space for this and that. Also two or three people can sit on the wing to let them watch you prepare a masterpiece and pamper them with tasters fresh from the pan.

cutting, preparating, storing

A large chopping board in GastroNorm (GN) size, made of food safe plastic (picture: solid wood, surcharge), belongs to the standard equipment of flix Live.

Pretty clever: Six GN boxes are situated underneath the chopping board that can be filled directly through a matching cutout.

Boxes and lids: included in delivery.


We developed a special charcoal grill for flix Live. The grill is especially powerful and fits within GastroNorm (GN) size. It is completly made from stainless steel... see details

Also available: Gas grill, electric grill.

cook, roast, wok

Live Classic: The GN charcoal grill (see above) OR a 2-burner electric stove OR a 2-burner gas stove is included in delivery.

Live Camper: This model is available with or without stove - if you just own a good camping stove, you can use it by placing it on the wing. 

However, there are many more options: induction, wok-burner, gas grill, electric grill ... just go to the shop.

starters, fingerfood, desserts...

flix Live is not only a cooker ... it also sets the stage for your food creations!

Very sophisticated: The wings can be fixed in tilted position - the slope ensures a wonderfull and clear presentation without any extra decoration.

Small steel-brackets let the plates stand horizontaly on the tilted wing.

flix Live Classic: 4 porcelain plates "Event" from Schönwald are part of the delivery.

... food from the bbq, main courses, hot wine punch ...

The standard GastroNorm size (GN) cutout in the wings enables you to vary flix Live in many ways according to your needs. The table boards are easily fixed and released by high-power magnets. Lots of gastronomic units fit within flix Live, for example a chafing-dish to keep warm your freshly grilled BBQ.

A special insert changes the chafing dish into a station for soup ... or for hot wine punch?

more gastronomical equipment ...

... for example chafing-dishes, cooling plates, hot plates, a soup station, and more useful things like a weatherproof cover can be found in the accessories of flix Tower, another part of the flix product family designed for hotels & gastronomy.