It´s said about flix products that you know it when you see it because of our love for detail. We are pleased to say that the flix Live lives up to it’s name.

A lot of fine ingredients make flix Live very tasty – and that’s even before you’ve started eating.

all colours available!

Red = BBQ, green = salad buffet, purple = cocktail bar?

For each occasion choose your favorite colour... thanks to a remote by only push of a button. The lateral surface of flix Live consists of frosted acryl glass to bring out the magnificent colours. The lighting is included with the flix Live.

drawer no. 1: weighing

In the first drawer you´ll find the built-in scales with illuminated display. This scales weights accurate to a gram – hide it in the flat drawer if you don´t need it. The scales are included within delivery of flix Live.

drawer no. 2: flavour

In the second drawer you´ll find 12 fine stainless steel jarpots for the most important spices. There is more space for for the saltshaker and a pepper mill in the drawer. The jarpots are included within delivery of flix Live.

Drawer No 3: Tools

The third drawer offers space for your kitchen tools and for this & that.

drawer no. 4: knifes

Drawer no. 4 is designed to hold some good knifes and other flat kitchen tools.

knife block

Instead of a bulky piece of wood flix Live features an elegant slot in the chopping board to place the knives you are using. It can take about three or four knives.

cutlery, tools, hand blender ...

... or, at a pinch, a bottle of wine or gummi bears for the kids. In this shapely holder, made of heavy stainless steel, all sorts of things find a nice place.

The holder can be hooked into any of the four table legs – toolless mounting goes without saying. It is included within delivery of flix Live.

Sockets, space & weight

The cabinet fulfils several functions:

Power supply:
Five sockets are included, you can plug in the stove, a hand blender or a stereo. A central helix cable ensures power supply and can be stored away in the base.

The cabinet offers a lot of space for food supplies, for a keg of beer or for the gas bottle if you run a gas stove.

Water level:
The water level allows you to exactly adjust the ktichen.

3 bars of solid steel are placed in the base. The weight of 25kg ensures steadyness, even if only one wing is loaded.

You can take out the steel bars to transport flix Live.

eggbeater, dipper, colander ...

... and many more kitchen tools can be hung up here, like in any professional kitchen.

The tool bar is fixed by two knurled screws at any of the sides of flix Live. 
The toolbar and four hooks are included within delivery of flix Live.

oil & vinegar Station

Two fine inserts, made of heavy stainless steel, are designed to hold oil and vinegar ... but a bottle of wine is in good hands, too.


After use the wings of flix Live can be folded in. Inserts like the chopping board or a stove can remain in the wing. They are fixed by high power magnets.

flix Live in the rain
During the „season“, there is no need to take flix Live indoors. It is sufficient to cover it with the weatherproof cover.